Photovoltaic industries suffered try to looking for a breakthrough

On 21, March, 2013, the Department of Commerce in the US has ruled that the Chinese solar PV inverter products are with exporting subsidy and they will levy higher countervailing duties. On 8 November, the EU Commit also claimed that they would countervailing research on the Chinese PV products.


The Chinese PV industry should responding actively and tries to fight for preferential tax rate, meanwhile, the industry should treat right to the countervailing research and work to get the government policy supporting. Many industrial people also come up with thinking. Currently, the subsidy of Chinese government has focus on the solar inverter manufacturer production, which brings the problem of overcapacity. Companies and local government should turn the policy from production to R&D. The core technology also lies in the hands of U.S. and European companies. To strengthen technology will really improve competitiveness.


However, to respond actively to the US and EU trade pv inverter protectionism is only the stopgap policy. Penetrating domestic market will be the main choice to overcome the overcapacity and bottleneck.

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