Phoenix Solar & MiaSolé Sign 4.5-MW Thin-film Deal

Phoenix Solar AG has signed a framework agreement with MiaSolé, a manufacturer of copper-indium-gallium-selenide (CIGS) thin-film photovoltaic solar panels based in California. The agreement, which runs until 2013 calls for Phoenix Solar to receive an initial 4.5 megawatts (MW) of thin film modules from MiaSolé for delivery in the second quarter of 2010.


MiaSolé’s production process applies different layers of copper, indium, gallium and selenium on a metal foil. This substrate is divided into cell-like sections and laminated between two hardened glass plates. The frameless glass-glass module can be used for roofs as well as for ground-mounted systems and can withstand high wind and snow loads.

The production process allows for almost all module shapes to be manufactured, which increases the potential for saving costs on mounting and racking. The current conversion efficiency of the MiaSolé module is 10.5 percent, with higher efficiency product to be shipped at the end of 2010.

The framework agreement also includes a recycling warranty where required by regulation or financing. At the end of the lifetime of the solar modules the customer has the option of having them taken away by MiaSolé and recycled or reconditioned.

“Phoenix Solar has always sought to lead the field in innovations in all aspects of system integration from the module, through balance of system to operation & maintenance services. We welcome MiaSolé to our group of strategical suppliers with whom we work closely to extract maximum synergy effects as a means of continuously driving down system costs,” said Manfred Bächler, CTO at Phoenix Solar AG.

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