Phase One of Planned 3-MW SolFocus CPV Plant Ready To Go Online

SolFocus announced the completion of its initial phase of the world’s first full-scale concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) solar power plant. This facility, owned by the Institute of Concentration Photovoltaic Systems (ISFOC), has been created both as a power production facility and a proving ground for CPV technology. This first 200-kilowatt (kW) phase of SolFocus’ deployment is ready to generate electricity for the local power grid.

SolFocus is continuing its second phase of the project, which will bring installed capacity of its CPV systems at ISFOC to 500 kW over the next month. The company’s CPV technology employs a system of imaging and non-imaging reflective optics to concentrate sunlight 500 times onto small, highly efficient solar cells.

“Completing this first stage of the ISFOC project marks a major milestone for SolFocus, and for concentrator photovoltaics in general, on our way toward achieving grid parity for renewable energy,” said Gary Conley, CEO of SolFocus. “Working with the ISFOC team in this collaborative project of commercial deployment and scale, we are proud to deliver on the immense promise and potential that CPV holds in scaling to meet the world’s energy needs.”

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