Partnership Plans to Commercialize Holographic Solar PV

The Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) signed an agreement with Direct Global Power, (DGP) of Niskayuna New York for an exclusive worldwide license to commercialize its unique holographic-based photovoltaic module technology.

DGP acquired an exclusive license to patents of a unique Holographic Planar Concentrator (HPC) technology for solar power modules and specialty applications from the Institute. DGP expects to be able to greatly lower the costs of photovoltaic (PV) modules through the IIT patents. The technology uses holographic film to spectrally select targeted wavelengths and direct them unto solar cells thus creating a “passive” concentrator and tracking capability. The company also intends to use the technology with bifacial cells that will allow it additional price reductions by utilizing the backside of solar cells. DGP has begun discussions with several investor groups and expects to begin manufacturing modules for specialty applications within twenty-four months. DGP said the technology, initially developed by a major specialty glass and curtain wall manufacturer, has the potential to not only lower the price of PV modules, but also employs aesthetic characteristics that could help it blend in well with current building designs. “This is a extremely important milestone for our company”, said Rick Lewandowski, DGP’s President and CEO. “We had been lucky to previously work as a consultant on this technology for several years and now we are very excited about the acquisition. We are also very fortunate to have IIT as a partner with their internationally recognized R&D capabilities and laboratories.” DGP will work with IIT to continue the R&D on the Holographic technology and has begun evaluating various manufacturing sites. “Together our skills are a perfect fit,” Said Al-Hallaj, Research Associate Professor at IIT’s Center for Electrochemical Science and Engineering. “DGP has decades of experience in real-world PV applications, and we have world-class R&D capabilities and facilities. It is a very exciting project and excellent timing to be entering the PV marketplace as most PV manufacturers are having a hard time keeping up with demand for solar modules.”


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