Partnership for Solar Electric Glazing R&D

Photovoltaic developer XsunX and research and development labs MVSystems have agreed to collaborate on the development of XsunX’s semi-transparent solar electric glazing processes. MVSystems provides R&D for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and is structured under a deliverables program providing incentives for various milestone achievements. Now, XsunX has the opportunity to work with specialists in the laser sciences field for the development of laser processes related to the manufacture of large area semi-transparent solar cells. These efforts are part of the company’s plan to establish collaborative ventures with select qualified facilities that specialize in material, manufacturing, and laser engineering sciences. Anticipated to provide the company with the fastest path to marketable products, this development process maximizes the use of capital resources, and is providing broad access to material, manufacturing, and laser engineering facilities and technical expertise.


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