PacifiCorp’s IRP seeks 4.3 GW of wind, solar and energy storage by 2023

West coast electricity utility PacifiCorp has issued its largest request for renewable energy capacity ever, seeking 4,300 MW in solar, wind and battery storage additions within the next three years.

Oregon-based PacifiCorp is seeking competitively priced resources which can connect into its 10-state transmission system. It’s most recent integrated resource plan calls for contracting 1,823 MW of new solar capacity, 595 MW of new energy storage and 1,920 MW of new wind by the end of 2023.

“These projects represent PacifiCorp’s longstanding and enduring commitment to create an energy future that is affordable, reliable and increasingly sustainable,” said Rick Link, PacifiCorp vice president of resource planning. “Our All-Source RFP is a catalyst to help realize that future and enable our customers and communities across the West to benefit from lower-cost renewable energy to grow their economies, run their businesses and homes.”

The company will accept bids featuring different resource types and bid structures, including forms of power-purchase, battery storage and build-transfer agreements. PacifiCorp will not be submitting any self-build resources and therefore won’t be competing with independent developers on their projects.

Projects must be able to achieve commercial operation by December 31, 2024. Long-lead projects, such as pumped storage, can submit offers with commercial operation dates beyond December 31, 2024.

PacifiCorp met with stakeholders in five states and hosted 18 public-input meetings over nearly two years to develop a plan. While it is expected that most of the bids will feature wind and solar, the utility will consider any kind of qualifying energy production. The information about the 2020 all-source request is linked here.

PacifiCorp currently owns 10,880 MWs of generation capacity from a mix of hydro, wind, natural gas, coal, solar and geothermal resources. That portfolio includes 41 hydropower plants and 17 thermal including coal and natural gas.

The company does business as Pacific Power in California, Oregon and Washington and as Rocky Mountain Power in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. PacifiCorp is owned by Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

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