OTB Solar & Trident Developing Inkjet Printing Technology for Solar Industry

OTB Solar and Trident Solar have released details about a partnership that the companies said will bring inkjet technologies to the solar market. As part of this collaboration, Trident’s 256Jet-S inkjet printhead will be integrated into OTB Solar’s PixDro open architecture inkjet platforms. This is expected to include the LP50 research and development tool and the Elements system.

The Trident inkjet printhead combined with OTB Solar’s software allows the LP50 and Elements systems to provide the most cost-effective and precise deposition of jettable materials available for solar applications, Trident said.

Trident’s inkjet printhead features stainless steel construction and a design that allows the nozzle plate to be disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled. The inertness of the 256Jet-S printhead enables jetting of the more aggressive solar processing fluids such as phosphorous dopants and alkaline etchant.

OTB Solar currently offers two inkjet printing solutions for the solar market. The LP50 is a research and development tool used for trials in the development of inkjet materials, processes and applications. The Element is a flexible inkjet printing system that allows for scaling from application development on a LP50 into a pilot scale or full production. The tool can handle product sizes of 5, 6 and 8 inches and has a throughput of up to 1500 wafers/hour.

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