Opposition Starts to Australian Power Tower

Formal opposition has started to the construction of the world’s tallest solar power tower, which will cost Aus$670 million to generate 200 MW of electricity.

ARMADALE, Victoria, AU, 2002-01-02 [SolarAccess.com] The chairman of the National Trust in Victoria State, Randall Bell, has called for construction to stop until the government develops a master plan for the state’s energy industry. EnviroMission Ltd says Australia must proceed if the country is serious about solar energy. It recently formalized an agreement with the German engineering firm, Schlaich Bergermann, to consult on the solar tower. The plan is to build a reinforced concrete tower that is 1 km in height, sitting in the centre of a large collecting area, to heat air as it passes through turbines at 15 metres a second. Solar power tower technology has been tested at facility in Manzanares, Spain, as the result of collaboration between the Spanish government and Schlaich Bergermann. The 50 kW plant operated for seven years until 1989, and EnviroMission claims that it validated the technology and providing data for design modifications to achieve greater commercial and economic benefits associated with increased scale of economy. The solar tower can work into the night, with innovative heat storing materials under acres of collectors, continuing to heat air. EnviroMission is looking at a number of sites in Australia where there is high solarisation, open spaces and access to the grid.


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