Opel Constructs 13 MW of PV Systems

Opel announced this week that it is in the process of building a solar energy power plant on the roof of its Rüsselsheim and Kaiserslautern manufacturing sites. Together with Tauber-Solar and SOLON SE, Opel will install 13 megawatts (MW) solar panels to power its Rüsselsheim plant.

Work on the 225,000 square-meters of solar systems began in July. The first panels will be mounted in late fall. Opel has partnered with Tauber-Solar-Energie to build the power plant in Rüsselsheim and Solon SE to plan, deliver components and run it.

When paired with the solar power plant that sits on the roof of the Opel site in Zaragoza, Spain, Opel has a large network of solar rooftop power plants in Europe. Opel’s solar plans also include installing a system at its manufacturing site at Kaiserslautern. Opel energy experts are examining the viability of building solar roof power plants at various sites in Europe.

“Our experience with the first solar rooftop power plant in Zaragoza was thoroughly positive, so we decided to expand the program. With the next step of our solar initiative we are showing our commitment to sustainable energy and environmentally friendly mobility,” said Carl-Peter Forster, Opel’s supervisory board chairman.


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