One of the most important issues that the solar industry is working on is the soft cost (BoS).

White House

SolarTech along with other organizations and leading integrators are working hard to develop a path to assist and guide federal, state and local governments to standardize permitting, inspection and interconnection processes. How do you feel these processes can be enhanced?

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Robert Benedict started his career in management consulting and as an Analyst he rose to the top of his career area to the Sr. VP of Sales & Marketing. His knowledge of sales and sales management is extensive having spent 15 plus years training different sales teams. Robert was instrumental in increased revenues by up to 30% gross sales per year. Industries where he has experience include the following: Consulting, Solar, Reusable Energy, Display & Internet Marketing, Lighting & Construction Mr. Benedict has spent his career helping company’s increase their ROI by investigating the weaknesses that have prevented them from the net profit they deserve. Through reviewing these companies’ he finds the holes and corrects them by training their staff with new methods of performance. Mr. Benedict’s philosophy in business is “Where is the Money”, and he teaches companies and individuals how to get more. His ability is to peer deeply into a subject, thought (idea), plan and situation to reveal the information which lays multiple layers beyond the surface at its core. While being open minded knowing that each event has many possibilities; no matter who is viewing the event, because we see from our eyes not the eyes of others. For the last 5 years Robert has worked in the solar industry as the CEO of Soul-er Inc. and presently as the VP of Sales & Marketing for CA Solar, LLC. Aditionally, Robert writes for the S.F. in the Business & Finance section.

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