One Hundred Solar Roofs Program Started

As a journey of a thousand miles must start with a single first step, so putting a million rooftop solar energy power systems into commission must begin with a small first step.

OCEANSIDE, California – May 20, 2002 [] Footsteps should be heard on more and more rooftops in Southern California, in the next few months. So predicts Peter Duchon of ASAP POWER!, a systems integrator for solar electric power, in the San Diego area. “It’s incredible that the entire County of San Diego has only four hundred or so solar power systems contributing to the power grid at any one time, when there are probably four million eligible rooftops here,” said Duchon. “Actually, the number of paralleled grid contributing systems could easily be doubled, from the efforts of a single well focused campaign.” Duchon’s company, ASAP POWER!, located in Oceanside, California, has put together a “One Hundred Solar Roofs” program, in conjunction with the long running Million Solar Roofs Initiative (MSRI) being sponsored by the US Dept. of Energy. The state of California’s Emerging Renewables Buydown Program, a rebate program that grants major cash back for many California homeowners and businesses, goes hand in hand with ASAP POWER!’s current program, as well as state and federal tax incentives. This Saturday, May 18, the San Diego Regional Energy Office (SDREO), committed sponsors of the DOE program with a local goal for 500 solar rooftops, will conduct its Solar Homes Tour 2002. ASAP POWER!, with a home on the tour, is making the day an official launch date for their program. Access:
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