Off-Grid PV Array Warms Ranch

The Eagle Vista Ranch in Livingston, Montana wasn’t close enough to the utility grid for a quick and easy connection. Instead of paying for a connection, the ranch recently flipped the switch on what may be the state’s largest off-grid renewable energy installation to provide power for the ranch’s 17,000 square foot indoor horse riding facility.

Livingston, Montana – July 1, 2004 [] Planetary Systems of Ennis Montana worked on the project and installed two Xantrex SW-5548 inverter/chargers, GNB Absolyte IIP batteries, a 5,280 W solar array consisting of 32 Sharp 165 W solar modules, two Whisper SWWP H40 wind generators, and a Kohler 11 RMY LP generator as a backup system. Electricity gathered from the sun and wind supplies power for electrical, heating and water systems for the ranch’s indoor horse arena, horse stalls, office, restrooms, sound system and viewing rooms. For Eagle Vista owners Marty and Julie Dixon saving money by not having a monthly electric bill wasn’t the main reason to install a renewable energy system. “Julie and I both feel the need to preserve the land with which we are blessed to own, so using renewable energy was a simple choice to make,” Marty said. “Our location is ideal for solar and wind power and so we decided early in the arena project to take advantage of all nature has to offer.”
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