Oerlikon’s Amorph High Performance Panel Line Hits the Market

Oerlikon Solar announced the availability of its next generation technology, Amorph High Performance. With more than 500,000 panels already produced from the previous Amorph Basic technology, Oerlikon Solar said that it has now made a major leap forward in panel performance.

Achieving more than 7% stabilized efficiency with this system has enabled a 16% increase in panel power output. At the same time, fab capacity is up by more than 50% without an increase in fab cost, according to Oerlikon. This could raise the economic viability for this high growth PV technology.

“The ability to lead the market with pre-certified, leading edge technology reflects our success in creating a scalable, technology leading organization. We are now able to leverage technological advances into successful business for our customers in a very timely manner,” said Jeannine Sargent, CEO of Oerlikon Solar.

The new a-Si panel utilizes an Oerlikon Solar Zinc Oxide TCO layer, which increases the performance characteristics of the panel through better light trapping properties. The importance of optimizing the panel design from a system viewpoint is being demonstrated in this generation of the technology. How the various layers in the panel interact with each other can have a profound effect on the system performance.
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