New York PV Subsidy Rises To $6 A Watt

The Long Island Power Authority will increase its residential subsidy for solar PV systems to US$6 a watt, from $3.

NEW YORK, New York, US, 2002-01-31 [] Under the utility’s clean energy initiative, LIPA will hold a raffle this month or the free installation of 30 solar rooftop systems, as well as increase existing rebates for customers who install PV systems. Raffle winners will receive rooftop systems capable of generating 600 watts of electricity, or 10 percent of average demand, for an installation cost of $5,000. LIPA will also partner with the Community Development Corp of Long Island to install PV systems on 20 homes of low-income residents. LIPA’s increased rebate of $6 a watt has a maximum rebate of $60,000 for a system of up to 10 kilowatts.
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