New Turbomolecular Vacuum Pump for Vapor Deposition

Edwards, a supplier of vacuum, abatement and chemical management equipment and services, announced earlier this month the release of its new iXA series of magnetic bearing turbomolecular vacuum pumps. The iXA pumps exhaust process gases from physical vapor deposition, etching, chemical vapor deposition, or ion implant equipment in semiconductor, flat panel display, solar energy and industrial glass coating applications. The new iXA family of pumps feature power supply and control modules that can be mounted in various configurations directly on the pump, or remotely, eliminating cables and accessory racks while still preserving the flexibility to fit a wide range of equipment. The first pump in the iXA family is rated at 2200 liters per second — larger sizes are planned for future development. The pump’s five-axis magnetic bearing system and new motor and drive system ensure long life and low operating costs with maintenance intervals as long as five years. Water and dust proof (IP54), and temperature management configurations are available. All pumps include RS232/485 (Profibus) serial communication interfaces.

For product specifications, visit the manufacturer’s website linked below.
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