Act Solar Technology Could Give 6-11% Boost to Solar PV Systems

Act Solar Inc., announced the limited availability of its new PowerString solar product, with patent-pending Injection Boost technology. Extensive field testing has proven that PV systems using PowerString initially yield 6-11% more power, and are projected to cumulatively deliver 40-80% more total power over 25-40 years of operations, the company said.

The company is now seeking additional customer locations to further validate PowerString’s performance benefits. Act Solar’s PowerString complements central inverters by dynamically re-circulating small amounts of electricity, as needed. Injection Boost actively maintains the balance of the array, which assures maximum power output.
Santa Clara University was one of the first proving grounds for PowerString. Act Solar installed PowerString on the SCU campus’ 50-kW array in 2008, and improved its power production by 16.2%.

“The solar industry is quickly maturing. It is just as important that we optimize existing and new solar PV plant efficiency, as it is that we deploy new plants. Act Solar is a key player in moving the industry to the next level,” said Jigar Shah, founder of SunEdison.
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