New Solar Water-Pumping Initiative

The International Center for Water Technology (ICWT) has taken another step to partner with industry and encourage wide spread adoption of water and energy technology that is economically and environmentally beneficial by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with solar energy industry company WorldWater Corporation.

Pennington, New Jersey – April 3, 2003 [] The New Jersey-based WorldWater Corporation is a solar energy company that develops and installs water and irrigation pumping equipment utilizing new technology. The company recently dedicated a proprietary state-of-the-art, 50 horsepower solar irrigation pump system – the only one of its size in the world – at the Mendota-based D.T. Locke Ranch. The ICWT will launch a major Solar Initiative during Summer 2003 to encourage farmers, water districts and other agricultural water users to utilize solar energy to pump a significant amount of their annual irrigation water during peak electrical usage periods. The new technology provided by WorldWater and high efficiency arrays by other firms will enable an evolutionary shift in renewable energy sources for agricultural water pumping. The new Solar Initiative by ICWT will accomplish the following goals: 1. Reduce irrigation peak season energy loads; 2. Provide for small-scale distributed generation in agricultural areas of utility grids that are transmission constrained; 3. Enable urban areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area to use central station or imported power that would otherwise have been used to pump irrigation water; 4. Enable California farmers and water districts to participate in net metering projects and incentive-rebates for the purchase of Renewable Energy equipment; 5. Reduce air emissions from stationary diesel engines that convert to solar power thereby improving Central Valley air quality; 6. Encourage ICWT Water Cluster members to develop and produce water technology and irrigation equipment that is “solar friendly” and energy efficient; and 7. Provide a new source of high quality jobs for business building and installation of new solar equipment on farms and for water districts. The ICWT is a collaborative venture between industry, academia and public agencies across the country. Its goal is to develop the technological advances that facilitate a shared vision of water resource utilization among varied interests. The ICWT focuses on research and development, industry testing and certification, public policy and education and promotion of waster technology usage.
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