New Solar Sales Centre Opens in Berlin

Shell Renewables has completed a national solar distribution network in Germany, which will be the sales model for its global solar business.

LONDON, England, UK, 2001-06-15 [] The opening of the Berlin office completes the German network, with sites already operating in Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Nuremberg. “These solar centres demonstrate a critical part of our strategy where the emphasis is on dealing directly with the customer,” explains Philippe de Renzy Martin, chief operating officer of the company’s solar business. “We have developed a similar concept to reach customers in Sri Lanka and India.” “Our aim is to introduce centres in other countries as the relationship with the end-user and ease of access to information and products are critical if solar energy is going to become widely used by people in rural and urban areas.” The solar centres in Germany are managed by the joint venture that Shell launched earlier this year with Siemens. Siemens focusses on working directly on larger projects and through distributors to reach the wider market. The centres will sell solar energy systems for domestic and industrial use, including PV systems that can be integrated into buildings and facades. They can operate as standalone systems or can be connected to the grid. The centres will also offer advice and information about financing and construction. The four centres in Germany work with 150 partners providing electrical installation and maintenance.
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