New Solar Module Debut from SunPower

June 9, 2004 [] Solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing company SunPower Corporation recently unveiled its new solar-power product line, the first mass-produced (PV) modules using the company’s all-back-contact solar cells. Sunpower said two factors ensure the competitiveness of their solar modules in the highly competitive US$2.5 billion PV module market: efficiencies approaching 17 percent, and an optional “all-black” design they say enhances the appearance of roof-mounted PV arrays. SunPower’s new PV product line comprises two new module types: SPR-210, SunPower’s flagship product with total module conversion efficiency approaching 17 percent and a minimum power rating of 210 watts. Designed specifically for use in grid-connected applications such as rooftop systems and power plants. The second, SPR-90 is a 90-watt-rated module designed to charge 12-volt batteries in remote power applications.
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