New Solar Hybrid Product Successful in Field Tests

Hybrid Solar Lighting, a new product developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), is being tested in five locations around the U.S. with another 20 test sites planned for the coming months.

“We’ve received a very favorable response from a number of organizations from New York to California who are field testing this product,” said Melissa Lapsa, ORNL Solar Technologies Manager, speaking on’s Inside Renewable Energy podcast. Hybrid Solar Lighting is designed to work in tandem with existing lighting systems in large retail stores, offices, and schools. The initial cost for a system is $24,000, but the price will go down in the future as the product moves out of the testing phase. At the conclusion of the beta field tests, ORNL will be publishing a report on Hybrid Solar Lighting for the Department of Energy. Retail stores are interested in the product because they believe the natural lighting will increase sales. Schools and offices like the product because of its potential to increase productivity and lower energy costs. Want to learn more about how this product works? Check out this week’s episode of Inside Renewable Energy at the link below. Also in the cast: Vote Solar Initiative’s Co-Founder Adam Browning talks about activism in the solar industry.
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