New Solar Energy Unit Reaches Boiling Point

Solar thermal provider EnerWorks showcased its new Solar Energy Unit (SEU) at Construct Canada in Toronto last week. The unit is designed for solar water heating in commercial and industrial applications. Available in three sizes, it has the ability to support 40 to 300 kilowatts (kW) or 20 to 120 solar collectors. Larger systems can be built with more than one SEU. An integrated pump, a heat exchanger and an intelligent control system all function under a single compact housing. This eliminates the need to obtain and assemble components from various sources. The unit is pre-assembled and factory-tested and incorporates multi-speed pumps and a Programmable Logic Controller that enables customization for each installation. Its applications include hospitals, long-term care facilities, hotels, multi-family and institutional housing, industrial processes, commercial operations and community centers.

For product specifications see the manufacturer’s website linked below.
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