New Solar Energy Incentives for Residential Systems

Businesses in Connecticut have had access to solar installation incentives for the past few years, and now homeowners can take advantage of the available funds. The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has established a $1.8 million clean energy incentive program for rebates on solar photovoltaic (PV) installations through approved PV installation companies.

“Connecticut residents are some of the nation’s most enlightened energy consumers, and welcome more affordable, cleaner forms of energy,” said Charles Moret, CCEF managing director. “The Fund is promoting and supporting solar energy in Connecticut with incentive programs for residential and commercial property owners to achieve its goal of increasing the use of solar PV technology today.” Individual rebates through the residential program could go as high as US$25,000, according to CCEF program director Heather Utter. That cap would cover the entire cost of a 5 kW system priced according to the Production Tax Credit (PTC) rating of $5 per watt. Only professional contractors are authorized to obtain the rebates, which will lower the cost of the solar energy system by approximately one half, according to the CCEF press release. Installers approved for the program are: Akeena Solar, California; Global Resource Options and Solar Works, Vermont; Solar Energy Systems, New York; Spire Solar, Massachusetts; Sunlight Solar Energy, Oregon; and Burrington’s Solar Edge and Pioneer Valley Photovoltaics, Connecticut. Utter said the residential program, which was just announced on Monday October 4, has already attracted a lot of interest from people in the state. The entire fund amount is intended to last for three years, she said, and the CCEF will evaluate the program’s success when this initial fund allotment runs out. All of the money for the fund was raised through a statewide service benefit charge that is added to the utility bills of Connecticut residents. The charge was established through a legislative mandate in 1998, and money collected through the service charge is used for projects, initiatives or enterprises that benefit the state’s ratepayers. For more information on the Clean Energy Incentive Program, and which installation companies are approved by the CCEF, call 860-563-0015 or visit the link below. The installation companies will assist homeowners in determining whether their homes are good candidates for solar PV systems, and will apply for the incentive on behalf of homeowners.
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