New PV System for Downtown Tucson, Arizona

[] Tucson Electric Power Co. (TEP) has helped expand Tucson’s solar generating capacity with a new 60 kW photovoltaic system in the heart of downtown. The array, which sits atop the new Pennington Street Parking Garage, will generate enough electricity to power almost 10 homes. The system’s output will provide power for the garage while helping TEP satisfy an obligation to produce an increasing percentage of its energy from renewable resources. The system, designed by American Solar Electric Co. of Phoenix, includes 360 Kyocera 167-W solar panels connected to 10 Sunnyboy inverters. The panels are installed on the roof of the parking garage, facing south at a 20 degree angle to maximize exposure to sunlight. TEP is providing a significant portion of the upfront funding for the project with a $100,000 contribution toward construction of the $420,000 system. The system’s output will help TEP meet a requirement to expand its use of renewable energy under Arizona’s Environmental Portfolio Standard.
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