New PV Giant for Germany

The Lieberose solar farm under construction in Turnow-Preilack, near Cottbus, Germany has became the country’s biggest photovoltaic power plant with a rated capacity of 53 MW.

Developed by Germany-based juwi Group and First Solar Inc. the project currently comprises 560,000 thin-film solar modules mounted across the 162 hectare site.

As general contractor, juwi partner juwi Solar GmbH is responsible for planning, logistics, supervising construction and delivering the finished solar farm, which is expected to be sold to an investor upon completion.

Lieberose is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2009. Upon completion, about 700,000 thin-film modules, predominantly from First Solar’s nearby Frankfurt/Oder factory, will be operating at the former military base.

The project is being developed on the largest former military training site of the Soviet army in Germany. Due to the relatively low investment and operating costs, it is possible to pay the local Brandenburg authorities an attractive lease that finances the restoration of the site, including the removal of metal and soil contaminated by leftover grenades, shrapnel and munitions. After the end of the lease period, the solar farm can be removed, restoring the land to its natural state.

“Solar farms such as Lieberose are very important for the future of all of the renewable energies. By their size and the efficiency with which the solar panels are produced, they contribute to significantly lower prices and to accelerating the advent of competitive solar electricity. This clearly increases the acceptance of solar energy,” said First Solar managing director Stephan Hansen.


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