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The TFI-flex inspection system for in-line quality control detects defects in flexible thin-film PV cells …

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Flexible thin film inspection

The TFI-flex inspection system for in-line quality control detects defects in flexible thin-film PV cells, in surface quality and chemical deposition: topological defects such as scratches, bumps and dents, and print/deposition defects such as chemical deposition flaws, stains, spots, watermarks, fingerprints, and color variations.

Xiris Automation, 
Burlington, Ontario; 

Solar inverters

Four new high-frequency grid-connected solar inverters were released at Intersolar North America (SOLIVIA 2.5, 3.3, 4.4 and 5.0 NA G3), with a nominal output power ranging from 2.5-5.0kW, suitable for all commonly used solar modules, as well as for thin-film and rear-side contact PV modules.

Delta Energy Systems,
Tucson, AZ;

Dry pump for solar crystal pulling, lamination

The GXS dry pump supports pumping requirements for silicon ingot manufacturing and laminator applications, to optimize thermal control and dust handling for challenging pumping processes.

Edwards, West Sussex, UK;

Continuous horizontal tube furnace

The new continuous horizontal tube furnaces for POCl3 doping of silicon wafers and crystalline solar cells offer a low footprint, high throughput, and low energy consumption.

Koyo Thermo Systems
(via Crystec Technology Trading),
 Altötting, Germany;

High purity elastomers

The Kimura K23X and K2CD elastomers address particulation and thermal expansion issues that can arise with fluoroelastomer (FKM) and high-purity perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) seals in etch and CVD processes. By avoiding the need for traditional and organic fillers, Kimura seals last up to 40% longer than FKM and FFKM seals in both hot and cold processes, the company says.

Perlast, Blackburn, UK;

Copper-gallium rotary sputtering target

The new copper-gallium (Cu/Ga) rotary sputtering targets use aerospace powder metallurgy technology, resulting in a consistently homogeneous alloy with low contaminate levels and consistent density throughout the target.

Indium, Clinton, NY;

1MW distributed control system

The Ray-Max 150 inverter with 1000V DC capability is an integrated solar inverter and wiring system designed to reduce and simplify field wiring, providing up to 8% more energy output on an annualized basis, says the company.

Nextronex Energy Systems, 
Toledo, OH; 419/304-1109,

Industrial dry-compressing screw-type vacuum pumps

The DRYVAC dry vacuum pumps now come in several models: a base unit (650 S) with integrated frequency converter and drive, a version (650 S-i) with external pump housing/castors/converter and on-board PLC, and another version (5000 RS-i) adding a 2900 cfm vacuum booster.

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, 
Cologne, Germany;
 ph +49/221-347-1261,

Compact moisture monitor

The palm-sized M-i absolute moisture monitor for fixed gas applications measures an ideal range of 500 ppb to 1000 ppm, with continuous, no-drift, on-line moisture analysis.

Meeco, Warrington, PA;

Digital microscope

The KH-7700 all-in-one portable digital microscopy system for industrial and quality applications (e.g., metallurgy, materials science, and electronics) offers 2D- and 3D measurement, display and real-time tiling, extended depth of field, 360° rotational viewing, auto-calibration and both video and still imaging.

Hirox USA, Hackensack, NJ;

240W mc-Si module

The 240-Watt monocrystalline module, with efficiency rating peaking out at 15.1%, is available in either standard white backsheet/silver aluminum frame or black backsheet/black aluminum frame.

Fluietcnik, Orkoien, Spain;

Contamination control technologies

The AresKleen HCLP media is highly effective in removing trace moisture down to <15 ppb levels from HCl gas used in the formation of trichlorosilane, a key ingredient in the production of polysilicon.

Pall, Port Washington,
NY; 516/484-5400,

24kW inverter

The Refusol 024K-UL inverter line, now offered in the US market for both c-Si and thin-film modules, features 2×500V maximum DC input voltage with 3-phase grid connection, enabling the units to achieve a maximum efficiency of 98.2% (EU efficiency 97.8%) and MPPT-range of 2×260-450V.

REFU Solar Electronics,
Metzingen, Germany;

Digital monitoring system

The Suntrol digital system collects, logs, and displays the power-generation performance of a Sunmodule system, to enable monitoring of current and total electricity yields and CO2 savings. And the company’s Sunmodule Plus solar panel now comes in a 240W version, in a package that can withstand static loads of up to 113 psf.

SolarWorld, Hillsboro, OR;

Solar simulator evaluation

The SpectroRadiometer system evaluates solar simulator characterizes and evaluates light emissions according to industry standards (IEC, JIS, ASTM) used for solar simulators. A new Solar Match Monitor application panel calculates spectral irradiance from 400nm to 1100nm and compares the results to the ideal percent for each range.

StellarNet, Tampa, FL; 

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