New PowerLight Team Tracks the Sun

The process of a solar array tracking the sun’s daily path has moved a step further for PowerLight, which has teamed up with an expert in the field.

Berkeley, California – November 14, 2002 [] PowerLight Corporation and Shingleton Design have reached an exclusive agreement to pursue the joint development, marketing and sales of PowerTracker and PowerRack solar electric systems. Under this agreement, PowerLight purchased patents, intellectual property and other assets developed by industry veteran Jefferson Shingleton. “This agreement will make it possible for us to focus our efforts on adding product features and supporting the global implementation of these technologies,” said Shingleton of Shingleton Design’s merger with PowerLight. PowerTracker systems use non-concentrating solar panels that harvest both direct and diffuse daylight, generating between 17 percent to 35 percent more energy than fixed solar panels as they automatically follow the sun’s path from early morning to late afternoon, according to the company. The PowerTracker system is based on a low-cost design in which a single 1/2 horsepower motor, drive and controller moves multiple rows of solar panels. A minimal number of moving parts results in very low maintenance costs, according to PowerLight. The system features an integrated, single-axis design that enables the PV modules to automatically follow the path of the sun throughout the day. PowerLight said this results in the maximum possible energy generation from the PV. PowerTracker operates as a grid-connected or stand-alone solar electric system, and comes with a 20-year limited warranty on energy output. “I have known Jeff Shingleton and have closely followed the evolution of his solar tracker designs for the last 12 years,” said Dan Shugar, president of PowerLight. “We have productively incorporated his patented product on large projects over the last several years and look forward to using its unique features to help expand the global solar market.” PowerLight is offering turnkey PowerTracker systems and components for applications of 100 kW and larger.
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