New Modules, Increased PV Capacity for Company

After finishing installation of new production equipment, Photowatt International has stepped up their photovoltaic (PV) production capacity to 25 MW per year.

Bourgoin Jallieu, France – February 6, 2003 [] Of that total, 20 MW will be manufactured in France with the remaining 5 MW to be produced by Photowatt’s sister company Matrix Solar Technologies, in Albuquerque, New Mexico which has just doubled their floor area to meet the needs of the growing U.S. market. Both new modules and cells will be a part of the company’s increased capacity for 2003. The new Photowatt modules PW1250 and the PW 1650 are designed specifically for Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) grid-connected applications. The company has also introduced new high-efficiency Photowatt cells designated the 101,25×101,25 and the 125,5×125,5 with silicon nitride antireflective coating and BSF also available. The company has also solidified new distributor partnerships in Spain, with Saclima Solar Photovoltaica, in Greece with AC SolarWatt and Francois Gouttes in Australia. The company’s Web site will also be updated and redesigned by the end of February.


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