New Jersey Solar Rebate Policy Changes

[] Modifications to the New Jersey Solar Rebate program were announced in response to a surge in the demand by public schools for the solar energy rebates. The Program’s 2004-2005 budget to support the development of Customer On-Site Renewable Energy (CORE) projects would have been depleted without policy revisions. Under the revised policy, clear criteria define when and how the school project rebates apply, as well as the maximum dollar amounts for which projects may be eligible. The modified policy establishes a cap of $2.5 million dollars annually per school district, with the total amount not to exceed $5 million over a two-year period. The revised policies will ensure availability of funding for schools and others. More information about NJ Solar Rebates and CORE Policy Updates at the Renewable Energy Program home page (first link below). New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program offers attractive rebates on the installation of solar electric systems for homes, businesses and communities. Savings can amount to as much as 70 percent off the cost of an installed system. For more information on the NJ Solar Rebates, see the second of two links.
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