New Jersey Company Earns Global Award

E+Co, a global investment organization has been named a winner of the Energy Globe Award for innovation in sustainable energy.

BLOOMFIELD, New Jersey 2002-03-29 [] Former Soviet Union President Michail Gorbachev presented the award at an international awards ceremony earlier this month in Linz, Austria as part of World Sustainable Energy Day, which honored outstanding initiatives in the fields of energy efficiency and Renewable Energy uses. More than 1300 companies, public and private organizations and individuals from 98 countries were nominated for this award. The winning program, the Africa Rural Energy Enterprise Development program (AREED) was created jointly by E+Co, the United Nations Foundation and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and is being implemented in five African countries in partnership with TaTEDO, CEEEZ, KITE, Mali-Folkecenter and ENDA-Energie. One of its services is to provide start-up financing to local companies using Renewable Energy technologies. The award is an important acknowledgement of a program that uses an enterprise-centered approach to ensure the sustainable delivery of clean energy services and real benefits to end users. The successes of this approach can be seen in entities such as those that improve the distribution and efficiency of simple wood stoves in eastern Africa, substitute kiln firing by sawdust and waste oils with natural gas in Bolivia, convert animal waste into a cheap and reliable source of domestic fuel in Vietnam and catalyze the effective distribution of solar photovoltaic power on a global basis. “While the recognition of our work through this award is very satisfying, what really matters is how we turn the experience to date into something that can deliver on a global basis,” said Philip LaRocco, E+Co’s Executive Director. “Though the approach has received acclamation in many quarters, there is an enormous effort required to turn ongoing rhetoric about the energy needs of two billion people into practical, on the ground impacts. The support of the United Nations Foundation to spread the enterprise-centered model to Africa is an important step in global replication.”
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