New Jenoptik c-Si PV products will be at EU PVSEC

The Lasers and Material Processing division of Jenoptik will debut a infrared disk laser and a laser system for photovoltaics tech like MWT and EWT.

(August 31, 2010) — The Lasers and Material Processing division of Jenoptik will debut a infrared disk laser and a laser system for photovoltaics tech like MWT and EWT.

The new products will be present at level 2, hall 4, booth A8, September 6-9, 2010 at the 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) in Valencia, Spain. Read all about EU PVSEC 2010 here.

The Lasers Business Unit will introduce its new infrared disk laser JenLas disk IR70. With higher power than the existent IR50, the JenLas disk IR70 laser meets the requirements of new photovoltaics technology, such as metal wrap-through (MWT) and emitter wrap-through (EWT – up to 20,000 holes/sec). Cells’ electrical efficiency can be increased through MWT or EWT. To increase the cell’s active surface area, contacts are laid from the front to the rear side of the cell. Contacts that cover parts of the active surface area can be avoided. Further applications are long-distance marking of wafers, laser-fired contacts (LFC), and laser edge isolation.

The JenLas disk IR70 allows the laser pulse length to be adjusted independently of the repetition rate. The laser covers a wide range of applications in the infrared wavelength range at 1030nm with pulse energies up to 7mJ and repetition rates up to 100kHz. The 65W system is ideal for laser drilling of silicon wafers, which enables back-contact solar cell production.

Higher efficiency of crystalline silicon (c-Si) solar cells is enabled with the new flexible JENOPTIK-VOTAN Solas 1800/3600 laser machine. The internal value-added chain from the laser sources, the laser systems to fully automatic laser production machines and real-life test environments for all processes enable Jenoptik to offer an optimum solution. Initial customers confirm that the new system can sustainably cut production costs and improve cell efficiency. In the JENOPTIK-VOTAN Solas 1800/3600 different processing modules could be integrated to realize all relevant laser processes (metal/emitter wrap through, selective emitter doping, laser ablation of dielectric layer, laser edge isolation, laser-fired contacts and thermal laser separation).

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Depending on what the customer needs, a configuration for an R&D system with maximum throughput of 1,000 wafers per production day or a fully automatic production machine with over 3,600 wafers an hour can be chosen. In addition to integration in new factories, JENOPTIKVOTAN Solas 1800/3600 can also upgrade current operational production lines. The service-friendly wafer transportation concept can be adapted to the different transport solutions installed in production lines.

Jenoptik has specialized in high-quality semiconductor materials and reliable diode lasers as well as innovative solid-state lasers, for example disk and fiber lasers. Learn more at

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