New CIS Solar Facility for German Firm

[] Germany’s Wurth Solar firm is investing Euro 55 million to build a CIS photovoltaic module facility with an expected annual output of 15 MW. This facility will serve as a pilot plant to commercialize CIS solar PV, thin layer cells made from copper, indium and selenium. The CIS cells, much like thin-film PV technologies, are supposed to have much lower material and production costs than polysilicon cells. The research results from Wuerth Solar’s partner ZSW (Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research, Baden-Wuerttemberg) which helped the company to achieve significant gains in manufacturing technology. Wuerth Solar currently has 1.3 MW of production capacity at its Marbach/Neckar site, corresponding to around 20,000 modules in 2004. A staff of 67 generated sales of Euro 3.9 million in 2004. The production facilities of the Marbach pilot factory will be integrated into the new CIS factory. The new 15 MW facility is expected to be producing at its annual planned capacity by 2007 and is expected to employ 120 employees.
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