Navigating China’s Solar Industry

In recent years China has become a major force in the manufacturing of solar industry products. Currently there are more than 400 photovoltaic (PV) solar companies operating in China. This includes eight companies being publicly traded in the United States that are engaged in the polycrystalline silicon segment of the PV industry.

In order to navigate this growing sector, China Strategies, LLC has created the China Solar Company Map, which provides an interactive site to identify, locate and contact China’s major solar PV equipment manufacturers, solar hot water heater manufacturers and solar energy producers. For those companies that are publicly traded, a link to recent financial performance also is provided.

“Traditionally China has been referred to as the ‘Middle Kingdom’, reflecting its view that it stood at the center of the world,” said Louis Schwartz President of China Strategies. “With China’s increasing dominance of the solar industry’s manufacturing capabilities, China soon will be known as the sun around which the earth’s solar industry orbits.”

To view the map, see the China Strategies website.


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