National Semiconductor Enters PV Market

National Semiconductor Corp. announced that it has entered the solar photovoltaic (PV) market with new technology designed to increase the overall energy output of solar electric power generating systems. National’s SolarMagic technology could be used to extract higher efficiency levels from each photovoltaic panel in a system, even when some panels in the array are compromised by shading, debris or inherent panel-to-panel mismatch.

SolarMagic technology is a per-panel solution that is compatible with today’s solar architectures regardless of the underlying solar cell technology, according to the company. REgrid Power Inc., one of the largest solar installers in California, has begun system testing of National’s SolarMagic.

“National’s entry into the photovoltaic market is a natural extension of our focus on energy efficient systems,” said Brian Halla, National’s chairman and CEO. “Our technologists solved this real-world problem and are enabling consumers to produce more energy under adverse conditions and reduce the payback time of their investment with an environmentally friendly source of power.”

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