National Grid actively supports distributed photovoltaic power

In October 2012, the National Grid Company has published the Views of Services Distributed Photovoltaic inverter Power Grid Work, which surprised the industry as the action speeds. It is also due to the complete preparation. Workers in the National Grid said that as a new main power, the technology of distributed power has been considered for a long time. Many technological projects completed or undergoing has speeded the development of the PV industry services.


To the grid, distributed PV power is a new main power different from that before. The challenge brought also should not be underestimated. People related said that there are many challenges brought by distributed power, such as grid operation control, protection, ground, island operation of distributed photovoltaic power inverter generation projects. The safety of the grid will be influenced if these challenges cannot be solved. Therefore, to research and develop on the operation control and protection is very important.


In 2009, by deep analyze and research, the National Grid decided to overcome the difficulty in developing distributed power and have achieved a lot. ‘Looking back on the work then, you will find that how forward-looking those works are.’ he adds, ‘To grid smoothly with the distributed projects, the grid company should solve these technological problems. But if here is not any preparation, while all the work is pushed by PV inverter manuifacturer companies, the current situation will be great different.’ However, the achievements obtained do not mean that we can sit back and relax. The National Grid decided to continue sowing to carry out scientific research and technological.


To the active activity of the National Grid, the industrial people all show approval. They said that although he PV industry has been faced with stress in China, we have seen the positive attitude of the grid companies, which will give the industry a great confidence.

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