Nanosolar Selects U.S. and Germany for Its Solar Cell Manufacturing

Nanosolar Inc. has selected manufacturing sites in California and in Germany, enabling it to use up to 647,000 square feet for manufacturing its thin-film solar cells and panels as well as establishing research and development and regional company headquarters here and overseas.

Nanosolar’s proprietary technology makes it possible to roll-print solar cells that require only 1/100th as thick an absorber as a silicon-wafer cell yet deliver similar performance and durability. The technology lowers the process cost and complexity involved in the production of thin-film solar cells, making it possible to rapidly scale production. Nanosolar selected a former Cisco manufacturing facility in San Jose, California, as its U.S. site; a choice that was reinforced by the Mayor of San Jose, the city’s economic development team, and PG&E. “We appreciate the enthusiastic support and are deeply grateful for the fantastic package provided,” said Martin Roscheisen, CEO of Nanosolar. He also expressed equal gratitude for those who supported the choice of a facility in the Berlin capital region as its European site. Nanosolar, presently building manufacturing operations for its proprietary solar electricity technology, is on schedule to commence commercial production in 2007.


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