Movie Actors Join British Campaign to Boycott Oil Company

A campaign to boycott one of the largest oil companies in the world has been launched, in part, because the company does not invest any of its “massive” profits in renewable energy.

LONDON, England, UK, 2001-05-16 <> The ‘Stop Esso’ campaign is an alliance created by Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and People & Planet. The campaign is calling on the British public to refuse to buy any products from the U.S. company until it changes its stand on global warming. The groups are targeting Esso as the world’s leading global warming villain because it donated more money than any other oil company to help George Bush win the U.S. presidential election. Organizers add that Esso refuses to accept the link between oil and global warming, and does not invest any of its profits in renewable energy or green fuels. Bianca Jagger unveiled a ‘Boycott Esso’ billboard at the launch outside an Esso service station. Singer Annie Lennox, actor Ralph Fiennes, and a number of British personalities, as well as several politicians and The Body Shop, have also signed up to the boycott. The campaign will focus on companies that buy Esso fuel in bulk and ask them to switch suppliers. The boycott will continue until Esso agree to support the Kyoto Protocol to fight global warming. “We’re not going to let Esso get away with polluting the planet to make their billions,” says co-ordinator Lorne Stockman. “They are not too big for the rest of us to stop them. If Esso choose to sabotage the fight against global warming, we can choose to sabotage their profits.” “Often, we as individuals feel powerless in the face of this catastrophe that is unfolding, but with this campaign we can make a difference,” explains Jagger. “We can say enough, we can say stop. We will make our voices heard.” “Esso are the world’s number one global warming villains,” says Greenpeace executive director Stephen Tindale. “They have paid George Bush to ditch the only international treaty to stop global warming from devastating our lives. We should all take this personally and stop buying from Esso.” “This campaign will demonstrate to Bush and his corporate backers that it doesn’t pay to put profits before the planet,” adds Charles Secrett, executive director of Friends of the Earth. “By supporting the Stop Esso campaign, the British public will show that it wants effective action to tackle global climate change.” British politician John Gummer, former Environment minister, has called on consumers to stop buying gasoline from Esso and, last month, the Observer newspaper told readers that if they wanted to take direct action over climate change, they should not buy from Esso and “Don’t put a tiger in your tank.” ‘People & Planet’ is a national student environmental group.

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