Motech Selects Applied Baccini Esatto Technology for Double Printing of Solar Cells

Applied Materials Inc. has confirmed that Motech Solar has installed and qualified an Applied Baccini back-end line for double printing applications at its volume production facility in Tainan, Taiwan. Applied’s recently announced Esatto Technology on the Baccini system will be used to manufacture Motech Solar’s new c-Si solar cell design.

“We’ve successfully used Baccini systems for cell production for five years. We recently installed Baccini’s new Esatto Technology for double printing our new cell architecture and have had outstanding results. As a long term collaborator with Applied Baccini, we look forward to continuing our close relationship for future development,” said Dr. Kuo En Chang, president of Motech’s Solar Division.

Applied’s Esatto Technology was designed to enable advanced contact formation techniques such as double-printed frontside metal lines and the multiple process flows required to create selective emitter structures. In a production environment, Esatto Technology allowed the replacement of single 120μm wide lines with two-layer, double-height lines less than 80μm wide on the finished cell.

The first of several applications of the Esatto Technology is for double-printed metal line deposition where it has been shown to raise absolute cell efficiency by as much as 0.5%. The result of several proprietary hardware and software innovations including high resolution imaging, screen alignment, and advanced process control, the Esatto Technology allows multiple layers of different materials to be overlaid with better than ±15μm repeatability.

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