Moroccan CCGT Solar Hybrid Initiated

Power generation has begun at a combined cycle gas-fired turbine and concentrating solar power (CCGT-CSP) hybrid power station in Morocco.

Under development on behalf of the national utility the Office National del’Electricité (ONE), with a total capacity of 470 MW the Ain Beni Mathar installation is expected to be the world’s largest such plant once completed.

Spanish contractors Abener are currently finalizing the construction of plant, in which Abengoa Solar designed the solar field. Two 150 MW gas turbines are already in simple cycle operation, supplying 300 MW to the grid, while the solar field has been constructed and all the parabolic trough collectors in place. The solar field presents a reflecting surface of more than 180,000 square metres and has a capacity to generate 20 MW. The remaining 150 MW comes from recovery boilers and steam turbines.

Testing has on the solar field has already commenced and significant progress has been made on connecting the collector array to the steam circuit.

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