Mitsubishi Corporation Takes 34% Stake in 46-MW Solar Project

Acciona and Mitsubishi Corporation have signed an agreement giving Mitsubishi a 34% stake in Amper Central Solar, the developer of Portugal´s Amareleja (Moura) PV solar plant, 100% owned by Acciona.

This deal marks the first collaboration of both companies in renewable energy. Acciona and Mitsubishi Corporation plan to extend their collaboration in renewable energy and other sustainable development projects worldwide as a result of their synergies in technologies, business activities and geographic locations.

The 45.8-megawatt (MW) Amareleja (Moura) plant is one of the world´s largest grid-connected photovoltaic solar plant and required an investment of €261 million. It has an estimated annual production of 93 million kilowatt-hours.

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