Midnight Sun Solar Tour: 7 Days and 1,257 km

August 13, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] “Here’s for many sunny days ahead!” That was the wish of the Midnight Sun team after the first day of driving on their solar car tour of North America. They covered 480 km that first day after leaving the University of Waterloo at 8 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, August 7. So far they have passed through Sturgeon Falls, Rossport, Schreiber, Pays Plat First Nation reserve, Terrace Bay, Sault Ste Marie and Marathon, all in Canada. Unfortunately, sunny days aren’t what the team got. Heavy cloud cover and rain has followed them for most of the journey so far, and once they had to stop on the way up a hill to recharge for three hours before they could make it over and onto the First Nation Reserve. At least the team has been keeping up with their sleep, according to updates posted on the tour site. They have met with much hospitality along the way, including a free dinner provided by the owners of the Jackfish Lake Motel Efficiency Cottages, and a new pair of driving gloves for the solar car drivers. The educational part of the tour is going well, and the team got some television time when they stopped at a Jazz festival along the way. Editor’s Note All of the members of the Midnight Sun solar tour are doing well, and moving on toward their record goal. The student who was killed is from the University of Toronto, and was a friend of many of the members of the Midnight Sun team from the University of Waterloo. The Waterloo team extends its condolences to the Toronto team.
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