Midnight Sun Solar Tour: 40 Days and 15,079 km

On September 16th at noon, the Midnight Sun North American Tour team arrived home to University of Waterloo. After 40 days and 15,079 km of traveling, the team attained the world record for the longest journey by a solar powered vehicle. We broke two travel records; the first was the official Guinness record of over 7,000 km, and the second was the unofficial record of over 13,000km. Over the past 17 years, university teams have worked on seven generations of Midnight Sun solar vehicles. This tour of Midnight Sun IIV was an amazing academic and personal experience for all of us. We drove through rain, sun, hurricane, torrential downpours, the traffic congestion of Los Angeles, the vast desert of Arizona, and through the Rocky Mountains and the open plains. One of the most incredible things that we experienced during the tour was the amazing generosity of people we met along the way. We received many forms of support, from a simple smile and thumbs-up, to people who opened their homes to us. We would like to thank all our sponsors who believe in us and in our dream. This journey could not have been undertaken without the support of our sponsors such as Research in Motion, Cober Printing, Rogers, the Dirksen Family, University of Waterloo, and many others. We hope that this tour has inspired people to realize the potential of alternative forms of energy and has inspired the future generation of engineers and scientists.


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