Midnight Sun Solar Tour: 21 days and 7,043.5 km

Sunny skies were waiting for the Midnight Sun IIV racing team in the United States. Since they crossed into Washington State last week the battery pack has been charging up to at least 80 percent of it’s capacity during the morning charge times. New team members have joined the group while some others have returned home, but everyone seems to be working together quite well.

August 26, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Things were going so well, the team took a full day of rest and is still ahead of schedule. The rest must have done everyone good because on Wednesday, just outside of Blythe, California, they broke the first travel record of 7,043.5 km, which was previously held by Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. No big celebrations however, the first record is a little over half of the 13,000 km record the team really wants to break. They won’t hit that mark until they reach the Carolinas. Arizona is the next state on their route, and the sunny skies are still with them. Students from the University of Waterloo in Canada are the driving force behind The Midnight Sun Solar Car team. They are driving their car, Midnight Sun IIV, around North America to try and set a world record for distance traveled by a solar powered car. The trip is also a test run to perfect their car for the North American Solar Challenge Race in 2005.
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