Midnight Sun Solar Tour: 14 Days and 4,082 km

August 20, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Two weeks on the road and the Midnight Sun solar car team has made it to the United States. They crossed the border into Blaine Washington at 1 p.m. on August 19. There haven’t been any updates since the crossing, however. It could be the team members are trying to catch their breath. Driving to Saskatchewan the solar car driver got a chance to test the car’s capabilities by driving at the 100 km/h speed limit, approximately 62 mph. The team has stopped at Lake Louise for a team photo, Revelstoke, the University of Calgary Red and White Club, and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. Though the media stops and public appearances always supply a good time, Team Reporter Daniel Yum wrote that the drive through the Rocky Mountains was a highlight for the team because of the breathtaking scenery. Students from the University of Waterloo in Canada are the driving force behind The Midnight Sun Solar Car team. They are driving their car, Midnight Sun IIV, around North America to try and set a world record for distance traveled by a solar powered car. The trip is also a test run to perfect their car for the North American Solar Challenge Race in 2005.
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