Massachusetts Governor Candidate Plans Include RE

Democratic candidate for governor in Massachusetts, Shannon O’Brien outlined her energy plan recently at PV manufacturer ASE Americas in Billerica.

Billerica, Massachusetts – September 10, 2002 [] Called, “An Action Plan for Clean Energy for Massachusetts,” the plan calls for “a reliable supply of affordable energy,” which it calls “critical to maintaining a strong and healthy economy statewide.” The plan continues, “This need should not come at the expense of the quality of our air, nor prohibit us from taking steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – a by-product of energy production – to protect us from the very real impacts of global climate change here in Massachusetts and across the globe.” While advocating energy efficiency, the plan also includes significant Renewable Energy goals, including: -Strongly support the full implementation of the state Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), and set the state on a pace to exceed the growth in new Renewable Energy projects envisioned by our new state law. The RPS requires that 4 percent of electricity produced by energy generators be from new, renewable sources by 2009, with 1 percent annual increases thereafter. -Stimulate the state’s Renewable Energy industry by setting a goal of purchasing 20 percent of Massachusetts state government’s power from renewable sources by 2020, with a progress benchmark of 10 percent by 2010. One of the most important functions state government can provide is to assist in the development of the Renewable Energy industry. This will not only help to stabilize the industry through millions of dollars in state purchasing but also allow us to put our environmental commitment into practice.
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