Massachusetts Announces Commonwealth Solar Program

The Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources announced the state’s new Commonwealth Solar program designed to encourage the use of solar photovoltaic (PV) power by offering rebates that reduce the cost of solar panels and installation. The new program, which makes use of existing renewable energy funds, is expected to result in the installation of more than 27 megawatts of solar power capacity over the next four years.

Under Commonwealth Solar, businesses and residences that install PV systems from 2008-2012 will be eligible for rebates averaging $3 per watt at the start of the program. Rebates will be higher for installation of Massachusetts-manufactured solar panels, and they will decline with the size of the installation.

“This is the kind of renewable energy program envisioned in the Green Communities legislation that unanimously passed the House of Representatives last month,” said Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi. “It is important to move swiftly and to use all available resources to reduce our dependence on imported fuels.”
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