Many Missouri Schools Join ‘Go Solar’ Program

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources announced that three St. Louis-area schools have joined the list of Missouri Schools Going Solar: Rockwood South Middle School, South Technical High School and Whitfield School, bringing the total of Missouri Schools Going Solar participants to 14, including 10 St. Louis-area schools.

Schools will receive a 1-kW photovoltaic solar array for the school grounds. The arrays are expected to generate a small amount of electricity and a large amount of student and community enthusiasm about energy alternatives. The program provides schools with curricular materials and training to help teachers incorporate lessons about energy resources, including energy efficiency and renewable energy, into classroom courses and activities. “Schools are an excellent place to demonstrate renewable energy options to communities,” said Anita Randolph, director of the Missouri Energy Center, the state’s energy office. “Students will have the opportunity to learn about how energy efficiency and renewable energy, such as solar power, benefit our economy and environment.” The solar equipment is estimated to cost $10,000 per school, or $10 per watt. Funding for the education program will come from Missouri Schools Going Solar as well as the required $2,500 cash match that each school must provide. Other Missouri communities with participating schools include Cape Girardeau, Brookfield and Jefferson City. In Kansas City, Smith-Hale Middle School was the first as part of a similar partnership between the department and Kansas City Power and Light. Additional information on the program is available from the department’s Energy Center at (573) 751-3443 or call toll free at 1-800-361-4827.
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