Mainstreaming Solar Electricity: Strategies for States to Build Local Markets

Clean Energy Group and Peregrine Energy Group have released a new report that highlights policies and programs that states can implement to advance local solar photovoltaic (PV) markets. The report is based on a survey of the real-time experience of the leading state solar programs.

Mainstreaming Solar Electricity: Strategies for States to Build Local Markets examines the effectiveness of specific activities that states are pursuing to address market barriers to the installation of PV. The report notes that states should target the solar cost items that they can affect most readily such as sales, installation, permitting, insurance, financing and inspection, that can account for 50% or more of a system’s cost.

The report notes that no single state policy or program is adequate in isolation to create a self-sufficient solar market. Therefore, states should consider employing a portfolio of policies and strategies to drive solar markets and embrace innovative approaches and lessons learned from leading solar states like California, New Jersey, New York, Colorado and Massachusetts.

Among the major recommendations detailed in the report:
  • Provide Sustained Financial Support for Projects—Recognize that PV markets can­not function successfully in the near future without predictable, long-term government incentives and financing support
  • Establish “PV-Friendly” Laws and Regulations—Pursue a comprehensive public policy agenda that includes expanded net metering, simplified interconnection standards, and renewable portfolio standard “set-asides” for solar technologies
  • Stimulate Long-Term Financing—Facilitate creation of long-term, favorable solar financing programs
  • Promote Education and Marketing—Educate consumers and private lending institutions about the merits of PV technologies and pursue cooperative strategies to grow PV markets
For more information Clean Energy Group and Peregrine Energy Group or a copy of the report, click here.


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