Main Benefits of using LED Efficient Lighting

There are many benefits to using LED energy efficient lighting.

First, when you use LED lighting, you are using a lot less energy per unit of lighting output.  Because of this, you will save money!  The energy efficient LED Lighting lasts a lot longer than a “regular” light bulb.  You can also amortize the cost of the bulb.

Not only do you have the cost of the bulb, but you also can include the cost it will take to change the light bulb.   The halogen bulbs increase the load of your A/C and that adds to what you are spending on cooling.

In addition, if you have to move racks/shelves or other equipment to change the bulb, the labor cost can be high.  The person changing the bulb/lights could possibly break the luminaire or anything around it.

Therefore the 50,000 hour LED has a huge advantage over the 2,000 hour halogen, as the re-lamping occurs much less often.

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