Long Islanders Going Solar

The Long Island Power Authority’s increased per-watt rebate for customers who install photovoltaic (PV) electric arrays has quadrupled the number of solar systems being installed on Long Island housetops, according to LIPA Chairman Richard M. Kessel in remarks delivered last month at a SUNY Farmingdale seminar on solar power.

FARMINGDALE, New York – May 20, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] Since last December, when LIPA doubled its per-watt rebate from US$3 to US$6 for solar systems installed by July 31, the number of rebate applications has soared. A total of US$1,541,942 in rebates will be issued on 71 new solar power systems that will produce about 339 MWh of electricity annually. Previously, LIPA rebated some US$123,696 on 16 solar systems installed between 1999 and December 2001 that will produce 54 MWh of electricity per year. When the 71 new PV systems are installed and added to the 16 units already operating, a total of 393 MWh of electricity will be generated annually by rooftop 87 solar systems that earned LIPA rebates. That’s enough power to run about 46 averaged-size Long Island homes for one year. For all 87 rooftop solar power systems, LIPA will rebate US$1,665,648 in cash to its Solar Pioneers. “This is exciting news,” said Kessel. “In less than four months we’ve increased the number of solar system rebate applications four fold. As a result, we will rebate more than twice the amount we had earmarked for rebates for the entire year. “With about three months to go on our “Double Rebate” offer,” Kessel added, “we hope the applications continue to roll in so we can have as many new solar roofs as possible installed on Long Island before summer. This is great for our customers and for Long Island’s environment.” Kessel’s progress report on LIPA’s enhanced Solar Pioneers Program was provided to the attendees of the Solar Long Island 2002 Conference being held today at SUNY Farmingdale. The goal of the conference is to encourage the development of solar energy on Long Island. SUNY Farmingdale has been working with LIPA and the Long Island Solar Roofs Initiative (LISRI) since 2000 to help promote the application of solar technology and to train technicians who can properly install and repair photovoltaic systems.
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