Long Island Homeowners PV Winners

New York Governor George Pataki chose 50 Long Islanders as winners in the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA) 2002 Photovoltaic System Lottery Thursday.

WOODBURY, New York 2002-03-01 [SolarAccess.com] Schott Applied Power Corporation (SAPC) has been selected by LIPA, through a competitive bid, to supply the 50 solar-electric systems to the homeowners on Long Island. “With the LIPA Lottery, buy down incentives, financing, net-metering and the New York State tax-credit, Long Island is a leader in bringing solar energy to consumers,” said Sam Vanderhoof, President of SAPC. “SAPC is delighted to work with LIPA again in their second PV lottery.” The installations are planned for the next few months and will allow the homeowners to start generating solar energy immediately. The turnkey SAPC system is a complete package including four SAPC-165W PV panels, a 1kW inverter, and the balance of system components. This is the first project for the 165 W PV panels introduced by SAPC in mid-February. Through the LIPA “Solar Pioneer” program, consumers can receive a residential subsidy for solar PV systems up to US$6 per watt up from US$3 per watt in 2000. Residents are also eligible for up to a is $3,750 tax credit from New York State to help pay for the systems.
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